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Take a look inside the dog world

Welcome to the platform where dog owners and their dogs can find practical advice and entertainment. ‘DOGZPOT’ is another word for dog bowl. And just as a dog bowl, our website is chock-full of treats, juicy bits of news and crunchy information. Our mission is to turn DOGZPOT into a large ecosystem providing its users with services and information, educating and making life easier for dog owners and their four-legged pals.

With DogzPot, you have all you need in one place:
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Quick Info
  • Professional Help
  • Make New Dog Friends
  • Newsletters
  • Pile of Fun

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Dogwalk EN


Mobile app to make dog walks easier and more enjoyable for you and your furry friend. Download the app and you’ll never have to walk alone.

  • Best places to walk your dog as rated by users
  • Maps of places to walk your dog and popularity
  • Spots with reported poison danger
  • Direct message
  • Photos & albums
  • Events & news
  • Helping dogs found

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Dogzvet EN


With the online clinic you have access to veterinary services of professionals from all over the world. They’re here to help if your canine has been feeling under the weather.

  • Quick private message
  • Remote diagnostics of exam results (MRI, CT, X-Ray images)
  • Simple and transparent system of service fees
  • Animal rescue charity work

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Dogzhotel EN


The reservation video system helps dogs find temporary accommodation. Created for dog hotels and dog sitters offering temporary homes for dogs and other service providers.

  • Online reservation with quick payment
  • Availability calendar
  • Service provider ratings
  • Send video to dog owners

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Thanks to the first TV for dog owners, you and your canines will be kept in the loop. It offers entertainment and fresh news from around the dog world.

  • Dog world news
  • Video resources for breeders, instructional and training videos
  • Upload your own videos and share them on other social media
  • Short videos from shelters

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Dogzaid EN


We lend a helping paw to all the lost or abused dogs out there that are looking for a friend or a forever home. Here you’ll find information about furry friends in need, but also guidance on prevention, spaying & neutering, general warnings and educational videos.

  • Lost & found listings
  • Abused dogs and dogs in need
  • Photo & video gallery
  • Donate to dogs and dog owners in need

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Meet our pack

Not only do we make a great IT team, but we are all dog lovers concerned about the well-being of our canine friends. Because our paws have been made for programming, we’ve been looking for a way to use our skills to make the life of both dogs and their humans easier. So, we have all lent our helping paw and DOGZPOT was born ;)

Our team EN

Jana Žilčayová

Owner, Idea Maker & Project Leader

I’m the idea maker behind the DOGZPOT project and owner of ENSOF, a software company that made DOGZPOT happen. In charge of commercial aspects and general project coordination. DOGZPOT was conceived to make my life as dog owner easier. I felt that there was no platform for furthering the dialogue and the awareness of the canine world. I’m positive both of my dogs - Great Dane Nina and Hungarian Vizsla Tamira, will be wagging their tails in approval.

Soňa Žilčayová

Social Media

I’m a student at the Department of Religious Studies at Comenius University in Bratislava. My free time is divided between two of my loves – cooking and my dog. My pooch, Pišta, is an essential part of my life; I take him to work and to school and DOGZPOT is a place where I can find loads of useful information in once place.

Jana Verstraetenová

Content & marketing manager

Studied in Belgium to become a veterinarian and practiced in many countries all over Western Europe. Over the years, I’ve found myself drawn into the creative and virtual world of online marketing. Working for DOGZPOT is a joy as it combines two of my favourite things. As an owner of five dogs I’m happy a project of this complexity has come to life and has offered me an opportunity to put my professional work & life experience to use.

Jana Yar

Photographer, Social Media

Doing my part to assist and help homeless dogs in Singapore. I’ve been working as a freelance photographer for several organisations, helping to produce flyers, posters, calendars and working as a foster mum for dogs looking for a forever home. I am now mum to small dog whose siblings died. Although I currently reside abroad, I am still concerned with the Slovak community of dog owners. Planning to expand this project to Asia.


Daniel Novotný

Android App Developer

Responsible for developing an Android app to connect dog lovers and help them make friends, arrange meetings, exchange knowledge, share photos or experiences with other dog lovers. Although I’m currently dogless, I definitely see myself owning one furry friend in near future. Working on this project is a way for me to help dog owners use modern technologies to make the care for their pets and their day-to-day chores easier.

Tomáš Bodnár

Developer, module programmer, sysadmin


Peter Vávra

Developer, module programmer


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